8 Months

I recently saw a transformation photo of a girl over an 8 month period, and she is now a fitness model. It is amazing!


She was dedicated, committed and now an inspiration for someone like me. After returning from my USA holiday I haven’t been too happy with my weight and body composition in comparison to before I left.

Sooooo….I am giving myself 8 months (not to transform into a fitness model) to transform into a happier, healthier, fitter version of myself.

I am going to set small goals at first, to achieve month on month weight loss and increased fitness. Whilst my 8 month goal will be to have a before and after photo I am happy with.

I am not going to put kgs against this because I know that with the right diet and exercise I will most likely build more muscle in the process. But of course I do want to see that number  go down!

The test will be how I feel and how I fit my clothes.

I am going to start working on my Summer body now!!!

Keep posted for my journey!!




H&M Summer

All the latest pics from H&M’s Summer catalogue make me want to run away overseas to a tropical island or desert somewhere.


…with a gorgeous tanned man of course 😉


Bring on the leopard print!!


Doutzen Kroes for H&M, shot by Terry Richardson.



Source: theinnercirlce

My USA adventure….

It has been a while…because I have recently returned from an amazing holiday in the USA.

Check out some of my highlights 🙂ImageM&M World NYC Yippee

ImageA spring day in Central Park, NYC

ImageBrunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

ImageRoom with a view, Vegas

ImageA cloudy day, San Fran

ImageI see red, San Fran

ImageRuby’s on the pier, Huntington beach

ImageSkaters, Venice beach



ImageDusk, Waikiki

Love to travel and love coming home. Can’t wait for the next adventure!

Cody x