Summer Breeze

As that winter chill starts to set in and I start to chase those little pockets of sunshine through the city, all I can think about is how good summer is going to be…



Summer bring those bright oranges,pink and purples on soft materials that move swiftly with the summer breeze. Bahti Prinsloo for Seafolly.



I can already feel a Mexican inspired season with Aztec shapes and tanned boys. Steven Chee for Cosmopolitan.

Maybe I will just need to escape to a tropical paradise and beat the cold, because I don’t think I can wait any longer.



It has started….

I would love to share all of my exciting new adventures with all of those who wish to be adventurous.

By day I spend my 830-6 in digital advertising and by night I like to consider myself a mover and shaker….not becuase I’m changing the world but because I love to dance, I love to keep fit and healthy, I love music, fashion and all things film and celebrity.

Yes it has started…let’s begin a new adventure