Speaking of tattoos

Rihanna posted on Twitter yesterday that she has completed her Goddess Isis Tattoo on her chest.

Isis was worshiped in Ancient Egypt as the ideal mother and wife a patron of nature and magic and friend, friend to the downtrodden and protector of the dead and children. Rihanna posted on Twitter that she was a “Complete Woman” and a “Model for future generations”.


“Always in and on my heart” she said.

A big commitment Rihanna, but I like the meaning behind it, what do you guys think?

Cody x


Gaga’s new addition

Lady Gaga has a cute new addition on her ribs.


The pic of the singers new tattoo came up on Twitter last week, and it is adorable!

I’m feeling very inspired to get a piece of body art myself…what are your thoughts on tattoos?

Cody x