Bogan-Ville Burlesque

I have been a very busy dancer over the past few months…I was recently involved in a fabulous project called Bogan-Ville Burlesque! Created, directed and choreographed by a very good friend of mine Sophie Ross.We had been rehearsing for a few months and performed the show for Sydney’s Fringe Festival at Newtown’s The Sly Fox in September.


The show was a Australian burlesque roller-coaster! Hosted by Magic Dan who performed magic tricks in between an array of dance numbers each with their own interpretation of the Aussie Bogan stereotype, touched by the traditional art of Burlesque.


It was sultry, hilarious, magical and sexy all in one. We each had a different role to play in the story, I was Vicki La Bit the Victoria Bitter loving overly-daring chick who was getting drunker as the show went on. The other characters were Mistress Von Roo (dominitrix), Harlet Sparkles (OCD), Bacardi de Breezer (Barbie) and Kandy Avalanche (Grungy).



I had such a fantastic time doing the show with these beautiful women and we all loved having the opportunity to love what we do best – dance! And dance we did, there was tap, cheer, jive, strip-tease, chair and ballet just to name a few of styles we covered.


The Sly Fox in Newtown was such a great venue as well with great staff who were incredibly supportive and helpful! A big thank you to our family and friends who came and watched the show, also to the unknowns who just heard about us through the Fringe promotion. It was great looking out to such a packed crowd and pulling some of you up on stage to help us out with our tricks.


A big thank you to the beautiful Sophie Ross for creating this extravaganza…I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next.


If you didn’t get to see the show…rest assured I am sure an Australia tour is in order.

Find us on Facebook ‘Bogan-Ville Burlesque’.





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