8 Months

I recently saw a transformation photo of a girl over an 8 month period, and she is now a fitness model. It is amazing!


She was dedicated, committed and now an inspiration for someone like me. After returning from my USA holiday I haven’t been too happy with my weight and body composition in comparison to before I left.

Sooooo….I am giving myself 8 months (not to transform into a fitness model) to transform into a happier, healthier, fitter version of myself.

I am going to set small goals at first, to achieve month on month weight loss and increased fitness. Whilst my 8 month goal will be to have a before and after photo I am happy with.

I am not going to put kgs against this because I know that with the right diet and exercise I will most likely build more muscle in the process. But of course I do want to see that number  go down!

The test will be how I feel and how I fit my clothes.

I am going to start working on my Summer body now!!!

Keep posted for my journey!!




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